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What exactly do you collect?

We collect new pants for women and children, and new and gently worn bras.  Please visit our donations page which has all the details.

What sizes of underwear do you collect?

We accept all sizes, but the sizes we need most are outlined on our donations page.

Do you collect all kinds of bras?

We collect all new and gently worn traditional bras that still have good wear left in them, but we don’t collect cropped top bras, bikini tops or mastectomy bras.

Do you collect any other underwear or clothing?

No, just the underwear listed on our donations page.

What do you need most, pants or bras?

We always need new pants for women and children the most.

Do you collect sanitary towels?

No, just the underwear listed on our donations page.

How do I get things to you?

Everything needs to be sent to 108 Buchanan Crescent, Eliburn, Livingston, EH54 7EF.

Do you have any local collection points?

We don’t have local collection points as we’re only a small charity and can’t cover the costs required to support it. Any donations need to be sent to our address in Scotland. and that’s something you need to factor in, particularly if you are planning a large collection.

Do you have freepost?

Sorry, we don’t have freepost. We are a small charity and can’t afford the costs involved.

Can I drop things off at your address?

If it is more convenient to drop things off then you can. Please leave your donations at the back of the house on the porch of the Pantagon if nobody is available when you arrive.

Can I donate underwear directly to you online?

We’ve set up an Amazon wish list for new pants, so people can order online and have them delivered directly to us if that’s easier. Go to our Amazon wish list.

How can I donate money to you?

You can donate money to support our work through MyDonate

And we have joined easyfundraising.org.uk where retailers donate funds to charities every time you shop, with no cost to you. Nearly 3,000 retailers are on board, including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, trainline and Sainsbury’s, and every time you shop online through easyfundraising.org.uk the retailer will make a donation to Smalls for All if you choose us as the charity you want to support. You just need to set up an easyfundraising account online and/or download the app.

What are the funds you raise used for?

We use the money we raise to pay for the education of the people we support in Africa and to help with the costs of running our charity.

Do you give your underwear to people for free? Or do you sell it?

We give all the new pants and new bras we collect directly to the women and children we help in Africa. The same goes for all the gently worn bras we collect. From the 1 May 2017 we will be changing this slightly. From that date, we will be selling up to 10% of the gently worn bras we collect to a recycling company (LMB) to help us raise the vital funds we need to support our work. These are then sent by the recycling company to help people in developing economies like Africa to earn an income by selling bras. At least 90% of the gently worn bras we collect will continue to be donated direct to people we help.

Do you recycle worn bras?

We currently recycle all the gently worn bras we collect donating them to the people we help in Africa. From 1 May 2017 this will change slightly. To help us raise vital funds to support our work, we will be selling a small proportion (up to 10%) of our gently worn bras to a recycling company (LMB) that helps people in developing economies like Africa to earn an income by selling bras. We will continue to recycle at least 90% of the gently worn bras we receive by donating them for free directly to the people in Africa who need our help. If we receive well-worn bras we don’t donate them to people in need, as they’re not fit for purpose. Unfortunately, they need to go to landfill as we’re not aware of any recycling organisation in the UK that is able to recycle the textiles.

By saying that young women feel more secure if they have underwear, do you mean it can prevent attacks/rape?

While we know from speaking to the women we help in Africa that having underwear makes them feel more secure, we can’t claim that having underwear would actually prevent attack/rape. What we do know is that having underwear makes a real difference to women’s lives in many ways.

Which countries are you currently working in?

Smalls is entirely UK based, but we partner with reputable and established organisations that are already working in Africa to ensure we get the underwear to those who need it. For example, we are very fortunate to work closely with Freedom from Fistula Foundation and Kenya Children’s Home, they ship to Sierra Leone, Malawi, Madagascar and Kenya for free and ensure the underwear gets to those who need our help.

We also deliver underwear each year during our trips when we also visit some of the children we support in education. And we are also happy to support specific requests from organisations and groups who perhaps have a base in the UK but are making trips to visit projects they support. This gives us assurance that the underwear is getting to those that need it. For more detail have a look at the underwear timeline on our website and you will see where all the pants and bras have been delivered to help those in Africa.

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