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Total underwear collected is 612,139

Congratulations to Graeme Clowe winner of the January lottery.

First distribution of 2018! 26,520 pairs of pants and bras on their way to Kenya and Malawi thanks to Balcraig. Pants for the children that Kenya Children’s Home support in Kenya, and pants and bras for the ladies being treated by the Freedom from Fistula Foundation in Malawi and Kenya. Thanks to all the volunteers who sorted, counted and bagged the underwear, to Balcraig for transporting the underwear to those that need it and of course to everyone who donated the underwear.  

Here’s a link to our latest thank you post and we are still opening parcels every week so if you don’t see your name please look for it on the next monthly thank you post.  If you’re sending an underwear donation, please include a note of your name so we can show you our appreciation in our monthly thank you posted on our website.  A big “thank you” to everyone who has also enclosed a monetary donation with the underwear, we really appreciate this.

Some of you may be aware that there is new data protection regulations (GDPR) coming into force in May 2018, so that we can continue to send you our Talking Pants newsletter we need you to subscribe to our Talking Pants mailing list.  If you wish to receive our Talking Pants newsletter after 20th May please click here.

And finally thanks to Alex Griffiths, Alison Banwell, Amanda Rushby,Beth, C L Shuter, E Hallett, Ed McElduff, Eva Allen, G M Richardson, Gemma & Darcy Pafundo, Gigha Primary School, Helen Morgan, J C Jewers, J Sissons-Hood, Jan Weir, Jane Thornton, Janel Valentine, Jeanne Ritchie, Jennie Smith, Jessica, “Jingles” gin tasting event, Jo Wright, Judith Hank, Julie Boyne, Julie Fox, Karen Maguire, Kate Schewan, Katherine Baines, Kenneth & Helen Stephen, L A Evans, Liz Hickman, Lucy House & Sian Allen, Lydia Bleasdale, Marie Watson, Melanie Baker, Nicola Davidson, Pam Duggan, Pamela Mowat, Patricia Paterson, Polwarth Parish Church, Robin & Lynda, Sally Fulford, Sarah, Sarah MacDoka, Sennur Schondelen, Su Holgate, Sue Bell, Sue Piper, Susan Cuttance, Sylvia Brown, The Haramead Trust, Toni Foster and and to the people that sent money but didn’t give their names.