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The National Police Aid Convoys (NPAC) commenced their work in 1993 when a group of police officers used their influence, networks and negotiating skills to procure and then deliver huge amounts of humanitarian aid to the nightmarish refugee camps in Yugoslavia – to places that other NGOs couldn’t reach.

They are now an enthusiastic and experienced group of people from all walks of life who NPAC shamelessly uses the name and reputation of the UK Police to open doors and deliver charity goods to where they are needed most in the world.  Based in Nottingham but with their long-arms of the law, they will help if they can where ever you are.  Find out more about NPAC here.

Smalls for All is delighted to partner with NPAC to ensure the underwear we collect is distributed to those who need it most.

In January 2017 20,400 bras and 21,600 pairs of pants were delivered to NPAC in Mansfield for distribution to their various projects in Lusaka and Kafue in Zambia.