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Smalls sponsor 20 girls at Suswa

The ‘Soila Maasai Girls Rescue Centre’ at Suswa in the Rift Valley, Kenya, opened in 2005 as a refuge centre for young orphaned or destitute Maasai girls.

With the co-operation of the local Chief, the centre was established to save the girls from female genital mutilation (FGM) and early arranged marriage – still a common practice and tradition in the Maasai community of Kenya. Through the Suswa centre, the girls are offered a home and an education as an alternative path in life to FGM and early marriage, and in turn they receive the chance to empower and change their lives and those of generations to come. In all cases, the girls’ guardians have given their permission for their daughter to embark on this new way of life. Suswa is currently home for 84 girls, aged from 7 years.

The refuge centre is run as a partnership between KCH, the Balcraig Foundation and the local community of Suswa. KCH contributes staff, medical and educational supplies, and The Balcraig Foundation provides the set-up and running costs, and manages the Suswa Project.