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Overcoming hardships faced by women and girls

Smalls provides underwear to many organisations, one being Tag Rugby Trust, an organisation focused on building futures through rugby.

Two of their volunteer tour leaders, Vivienne Mathews and Anna Chad, and pupils of the Millhill School, led a women’s empowerment session while on a tour in Zambia. Having heard from some of the young leaders they met talking about the hardships women and girls face in society, they felt this was an important area to devote time to. So, they spent an afternoon while at Linda community School, Lusaka, gathering as many willing participants as possible to join the session which focused on the menstrual cycle.

The girls took it very much in their stride. Vivienne and Anna told us, “We prepared and rehearsed presentations about the biological mechanisms behind it, whilst others spoke about what it is like to be a girl in the UK, going through western period-products.

“As this was a slight ‘taboo’ topic, there was a lot of excitement and also joking around, but it was incredibly nice to see all of the students interacting with the local women and girls, connecting over something all females have in common, albeit with cultural differences.

“It was really important to keep cultural sensitivities in mind, but by the end of the session the atmosphere in the classroom was amazing. Seeing girls from all over the world unite in something that is common in girls all over the world was incredible. At the end of the session, we managed to hand out the donations from Smalls for All, which was the absolute highlight for the recipients.”

Please keep your donations of new pants coming so that we can continue to help empower women and girls less fortunate than we are.