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From derriere to brassiere…

As well as brand new pants, we collect new and gently worn bras to provide comfort and support.

Our thanks to Sally Rae, who has been a long-time supporter of Smalls. Sally has taken underwear to Malawi twice a year for a number of years now – one trip with friends and another leading pupils from George Watson’s College in Edinburgh.

Elaine, a friend of Sally’s, said on her return from a recent trip: “Our group of 7 ladies recently returned from a fabulous trip to Malawi. It is such a beautiful country, and there were so many highlights. However, for me, one of the wonderful memories will be setting up a table in a small rural village. We brought with us a large suitcase, completely filled with bras. As the word got round, ladies surrounded us, keen to get a bra. There was such excitement, and the chat and laughter continued as ladies tried on the bras to find the right size and colour. What a happy occasion. Our only wish was to have had more luggage space for even more bras. Bringing a bra for a lady in Malawi is so simple. But it is such a special gift to give.

“Thank you and the Smalls for All team for your hard work.”

Pupil Olivia said: “Giving out donations of underwear in Malawi had such a positive impact on the community. The women really appreciated the bras that we donated in a local village and the children’s faces lit up when we handed out pants. It was wonderful to know that such small acts of kindness can mean the world to people! I would encourage everyone to donate if they can.”

Says Sally: “Hoping to take lots more in October if that is OK as [the bra] really is the most appreciated item we take – and as it’s so light we can fill the cases full.”

Following a delivery of our bras to Health Action Leicester for Ethiopia (HALE), administrator Kathy Astbury told us: “Your bras were very gratefully received by our ladies in Gondar.

“A midwife within our visiting team has said ‘At least 50 ladies received bras and period pads (donated by Earthwise Girls). This included students at the school, cleaners at the school, teachers and women who worked in our hotel. Our girls thought it was an amazing gift to give out to ladies who struggle to get necessities, and underwear and period pads are seen as luxuries. Please encourage the ladies who work for these two organisations to keep up the good work!’

“Your support was/is much appreciated.”