Underwear was just the start.

Smalls for All is a charity which helps women and children in Africa meet their most basic hygiene and security needs.

Smalls for All was launched in 2009 by Maria Macnamara after she read an article about the many problems that women and children in Zimbabwe faced due to not having any underwear. We help thousands of women and children in poorer areas of Africa and those with medical conditions like fistula. It's hard to believe that something as simple as providing underwear can help. But it really does make a huge difference....read more

Foreign assistance can be difficult to get right.

That’s why Smalls for All works with other carefully selected charitable organisations and NGOs who are trying to improve the health and security, and restore the dignity, of women and children in Africa. We support grassroots, sustainable projects with local ownership. We aim to put people in a better economic and social position.

Smalls for All became a registered charity in 2010.

Smalls for All sponsors girls' education in Africa

We continue to provide much needed support, working closely with the Balcraig Foundation...read more

Underwear may seem insignificant when a country has so many problems.

But because many women and children in Africa can't afford underwear, they fall victim to disease and attack. And girls who are lucky enough to have a place in school often miss 3 or 4 days a month due their lack of underwear. Smalls for All donates underwear in many ways - through links with established charities; through hospitals that treat women with conditions like fistula; through IDP camps and children's homes and orphanages.

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Pantometer 21.07.2016

Thanks to you, we’ve now collected
263,500 items of underwear and
distributed 156,103 and
recycled 34,400 bras.

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Smalls for All

Overall total is 263,500 (and we are still counting).

Congratulations to Wendy Crawford, winner of the July lottery.

It's been a busy month at our sorting premises so a big "thank you" to our wonderful volunteers who have been opening, sorting and bagging underwear.  For the first time since August last year we are working on donations received in the last 2 weeks!  This is amazing given the volume of underwear that has been received, which of course leads to another thank you.  Thank you to all the people who have donated, we've published 2 more thank you posts. One dated 5 July and the other on 19 July.

As well as getting caught up on opening all your donations we've managed to get over 14,000 pairs of pants and bras ready for their journey to Africa.  Thanks to Jean Moyes for organising underwear to get to South Africa courtesy of Save the Children and to Freedom from Fistula Foundation and Kenya's Children Home for taking underwear to their fistula patients and children in Kenya.

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To donate underwear
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To make us a pile
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