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If you’d like to help raise funds, that would be Wonderful!

There are a number of ways you can help us raise the vital funds we need to continue our work, and every contribution helps, no matter how small. For example, £5 can help us cover the cost of lighting our warehouse for a week, £10 can help us source, sort and supply underwear for those in greatest need, and £30 can help us cover administration and volunteer costs. (See Donate money for info about donating directly.)

Take part in or organise an event

Whether you’re taking part in a marathon, danceathon or sponsored walk, you can pledge your sponsorship money to Smalls.

Or why not organise your own fundraising event for Smalls using Wonderful.org? A dress-down day perhaps, or coffee morning, or bake sale, or something completely different. Our Fundraising toolkit includes template posters, a sample press release and helpful action plan to get you started.  

Raise funds through your shopping

You can also raise funds for us for free by shopping or booking online. For more info, please see Shop or book online.

Recycle your ink cartridges

And we’ve signed up with Recycle4Charity, which offers a free and easy-to-use ink recycling programme. At no cost to you, you can help us receive a cash donation when you recycle your ink cartridge. The amount will depend on the type of cartridge, and packages with a value of less than £2 won’t generate a donation. It’s not only an easy way to raise money, it helps protect the environment too! All you have to do is:

  • Register on the website and choose Smalls for All as your nominated charity – Register (recycle4charity.co.uk)
  • Select from the dropdown the cartridges you want to send
  • Depending on how many cartridges you have, select either a box or a label to attach to a box or padded envelope
  • Pop the box or envelope in the post

Please note that not all ink cartridges will raise money for us. To check whether your cartridge will raise money, see Inkjet Cartridges (recycle4charity.co.uk).    


Thank you!