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The bottom line in dignity

Olivia Giles, 500 Miles

Getting disabled people in Malawi and Zambia up and walking

“We need to keep a supply of pants to preserve the dignity of patients requiring intimate fittings and who often come without pants. Maria and her Smalls’ team very kindly arrange for us to be kept well stocked up.”

Sarah Lamptey, ShowerBox

Providing showers to the hidden homeless

“Thanks to Smalls for All, we’ve been able to give our guests new underwear as they leave the showers, which makes a massive difference as there are so few places for them to wash their clothes. Smalls for All saves ShowerBox hundreds of pounds each month, which means we may reserve any funds raised for running other aspects of the project, and helps us to keep giving showers and enabling vital self-care to those in need.”

Katie Calvert, Simon Community London

Supporting the homeless

“We go out onto the streets of Central London 3 nights a week and give hot drinks, food and anything else useful that we’ve been donated (clothes, sleeping bags, toiletries etc) to people who are bedding down to sleep in the doorways. We try to alleviate the suffering of homelessness as best we can. We usually see between 60 and 80 people, mostly men, each night. People always ask for underwear and it’s not something we get lots of donations of. Anything that we could do to get more would be greatly appreciated by us and the guys on the streets.”

Amanda Thompson, Two Brews

Feeding and clothing the homeless of Manchester

“Without the contributions of everyone working together and supporting each other, we couldn’t give the small things in life, like underwear, to those that need it the most… Thanks to Smalls for All for the donation of underwear, our guys’n girls here in the streets of Manchester were able to have clean underwear.”

Billa Ahmed, Homeless Aid UK

Supporting the homeless all over the UK

“We have seen a massive increase in the number of people who are homeless and living in poverty. The donations you gave will go a long way to help lots of people. Our service users love it when they get new underwear. Thank you once again for your support.”

Melissa Reid, Simon Community Scotland

Supporting people experiencing or at risk of homelessness

“The people we support are the hardest to reach and most socially excluded homeless population. This is due to the significant trauma they have experienced, often from childhood and exacerbated by a life on the streets. We build trust and work with our service users on person-centred support plans. Part of this support involves providing them with the basic human right of dignity – in the form of clothing, underwear and toiletries. Due to our Period Friendly campaign we have a stock of ladies’ underwear, but we desperately need men’s boxers of all sizes.”

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