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Breaking taboos and the cycle of poverty

Jackie Bennett, Pass It On Trust Uganda

Promoting education as a tool for change

“I have great pleasure in sharing with you some wonderful photos of when PIOTU charity distributed over 500 pairs of knickers to the most vulnerable in Uganda. The women and girls were truly grateful, as this is something that many cannot afford.”

Karen Reeve, West Berkshire Action for Refugees

Supporting refugees in West Berkshire

“They are so pleased to have new pants and bras. We were able to supply a few when they first arrived but as they only get laundry once a week, having enough to last a week is a great help and does wonders for your self-esteem! Having enough bras and pants to wash and wear should be a basic right not a luxury, and Smalls for All has made that happen. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Louise Malcolm, Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Care

Supporting families in need in the community

“We provide support to families and children, as well as new and expectant mothers, who are most in need in our community. We include brand new underwear in every referral and purchasing these is a real pressure on funds. In the last 3 months alone, we’ve processed almost 400 referrals which is more than double the referrals on the same period last year and sadly we don’t see this trend slowing anytime soon.”

Elaine, individual on return from a group trip to Africa

“Our group of 7 ladies recently returned from a fabulous trip to Malawi. It is such a beautiful country, and there were so many highlights. However, for me, one of the wonderful memories will be setting up a table in a small rural village. We brought with us a large suitcase, completely filled with bras. As the word got round, ladies surrounded us, keen to get a bra. There was such excitement, and the chat and laughter continued as ladies tried on the bras to find the right size and colour. What a happy occasion. Our only wish was to have had more luggage space for even more bras. Bringing a bra for a lady in Malawi is so simple. But it is such a special gift to give.”

Sam Jonkers, Care4Calais

Supporting refugees and asylum seekers

“We try to react rapidly with a change of clothes and some new underwear. In recent months we have had an influx of refugee families and have been struggling to keep up with demand for new underwear, so there was a whoop of joy when two boxes loaded with new pants and bras arrived from Smalls for All allowing us to meet the needs of recently arrived families. A change of underwear seems like a small thing, but for a refugee who has fled their home with nothing, has no right to work and receives no benefits, it makes a huge difference. Thank you for your kindness.”

Claire, Conservation Program in Zambia

“We have 140 female staff and partner members who are everything from cooks and cleaners, to mechanics and drivers, and admin and anti-poaching. Almost all are from poor and rural backgrounds but eager to better themselves and their families. As part of our culture and organizational ethos we commit to a thrice weekly exercise program and participate in a variety of external endurance and sports events. Adequate bra support is a significant barrier to these women taking part not only in the exercise side of things but also during their working days to support conservation.”
[On receiving sports bras from us via NPAC:] “Wow! That’s amazing. I can’t explain what this means to our ladies. THANK YOU!”

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