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How your donations can inspire joy

Peter Sarl, Kibera Farm Project

Supporting a school in Nairobi, Kenya

“Thank you again for your kindness in supplying us with a further 1,000 pairs of girls’ pants… The response at Kibera Academy a couple of weeks ago when we delivered the last consignment was one of pure joy. Most of our children struggle with basic clothing and underwear is normally a luxury. This is particularly important to our adolescent girls who may miss out several school days every month.”

Nausheen Latif, The Hubb Foundation

Supporting families and communities across Stoke-on-Trent

“Schools have identified a need for underwear for young girls who are menstruating as unfortunately during this time these girls are missing school due to not having enough/clean underwear. We’re grateful for any support you can provide to help young girls who are in desperate need to ensure they can attend school.”

Jackie Bennett, Pass It On Trust Uganda

Promoting education as a tool for change

“I have great pleasure in sharing with you some wonderful photos of when PIOTU charity distributed over 500 pairs of knickers to the most vulnerable in Uganda. The women and girls were truly grateful, as this is something that many cannot afford.”

Tracy Taylor, the Tumaini Fund (Scotland)

Supporting widows and orphans in Tanzania

“The Tumaini Fund (Scotland) is very grateful to Maria and Smalls for All for providing pants for our hygiene kits which are distributed to orphans in Kagera, NW Tanzania. These kits will last each girl 3 years and will buy back over 180 days’ worth of education. It’s a privilege for us to take these kits in our suitcases each time we visit and a real joy to watch the girls receive them. As Joyce, age 14, from Bukiriro says: ‘Thank you to everyone for making these kits for us. Now I can be at school every day just like the boys.’”

Tina Rayburn, Action in Africa

Supporting the community in Nyaishozi, Tanzania

“Whilst we have supported our schoolgirls in Nyaishozi, Tanzania, by providing feminine hygiene products which rely on a supply of knickers from Smalls for All, we also recognise that this female community will wear underwear every day if given the choice. However, if a family has to choose between buying knickers or eating, they will always buy food. Consequently, by supplying a tiny charity such as Action in Africa with knickers, Smalls for All enables us to provide this level of comfort and dignity to the schoolgirls and local ladies of Nyaishozi, regardless of their menstrual cycle.
“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Sarah Black, William Stewart Foundation

Changing lives in Malawi

“One project which has made a big difference to the teenage girls is the Period Poverty Project. There are two hand turn Singer sewing machines at the Foundation. A group of girls made drawstring bags and sanitary towels. Each girl, who needed one, was gifted a bag with five reusable sanitary towels, soap, three pairs of pants and a health information sheet. The girls were delighted as they no longer have to miss a week of school every month and, as well as achieving, their self-confidence has grown. Thanks so much to Maria and team at Smalls for All for supporting us with this project by supplying so many pairs of pants. You are pantastic!”

Lynn Walton, Chifundo UK

Empowering girls and women in Malawi

“We deliver packs containing reusable sanitary pads, panties, soap and flannel with training about menstrual health to girls in poor schools around Blantyre, the second city in Malawi. So far, over 3,000 girls at 13 different schools have received packs, and we’re very grateful to Smalls for the underwear as it is much better quality than can be bought in country. The girls are very grateful to receive the underwear as they often do not have any.”

Tina Leslie, Freedom4girls

Fighting against period poverty in Kenya and Uganda

“60% of girls and women in Kenya do not have the means to manage their periods in a healthy way; they use ash, dung bits out their mattresses, rags, leaves or some just sit in a hole. With the support of Smalls for All, we are able to supply all our girls with pants. We have found that girls in very poor rural areas do not even own a pair of pants. When on their periods they use their mothers’ pants which mostly are too big and they have to tie them to make them fit. We are so grateful for the pants you supply. It makes the girls so happy as not only are they getting help to manage their periods and health, many are receiving their first new pairs of pants. The underpants you supply to us are given out to the local street boys – they are so happy to receive them.”

Ally Ng, For-Ethiopia

Helping people of Ethiopia who are in need

“I had the privilege of taking kits out to Ethiopia… We work in a rural area of Ethiopia that is roughly the same size of Gloucestershire. The majority of girls have no access to anything when they have their periods except using old rags, and as a result they skip school. The excitement when they saw the kits and learnt what this would mean for them was clearly evident.”

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