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Support from top to bottom

Giving pants and bras may seem like a small thing, but it can make a life-changing difference. For example, having pants allows women to remain in the workforce and girls to remain in school each month giving them a better chance of fighting their way out of poverty. Pants are also very important for women and girls recovering from fistula surgery. Distribution partner Paul McNeil of Freedom from Fistula Foundation and Kenya Children’s Homes says, “I can personally attest to the power of pants!” For more, see The power of pants.

Peter Sarl of the Kibera Farm Project in Kenya echoes these sentiments. See A suitcase of pants.

Our pantastic supporters have donated a phenomenal amount of underwear, as you can see from our pantometer. Find out what typically happens to a pair of pants when you donate them, in A pants journey, where we follow a pack from the person who donated it all the way through to the person who received it.

We’re sometimes asked if we collect sanitary products. We don’t – but some of the pants we collect are used to support charities that supply reusable Hygiene kits. These play an important part in helping break the cycle of poverty. And for more about overcoming hardships faced by women and girls in some communities in Africa, see Empowering women.

As well as brand new pants of course, we collect new and gently worn bras. To find out more about why we do this, see The gift of a bra.

And to find out why we collect pants for men, see Men need pants too.