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The power of pants!

Celi Harper, Gecko on the Move

Educating and supporting vulnerable children in need

“We were measuring the kids for uniforms earlier this week and noticed none of the new kids were wearing underwear.”

Johanna Wesemann, Edinburgh School Uniform Bank

Supporting local families facing financial hardship

“Packs of new school uniform including pants are given out to families referred to us by other services, including school and social services. By providing good quality school uniform and other important clothing such as pants, we can ensure children living in poverty can attend school without stigma.”

Linda Barrack, Babes in the Wood

Supporting local families facing financial hardship

“We were so grateful to Smalls for All when they recently agreed to support our free children’s clothing packs with a generous supply of new underwear. The demand for our services has grown exponentially, so to have this help from Smalls for All really does make a huge difference to our project and to the children of Stirling.”

Collette Moran, School Bank West Lothian

Supporting local families facing financial hardship

“Having the necessary items, including brand new underwear, affects children’s self-esteem and confidence. Knowing you can change for PE or after school clubs, most of which is done in front of their peers, helps our young people feel confident when they have clean and good condition underwear. In addition, it has a positive impact on families’ finances and their mental health and wellbeing, by reducing anxiety about providing for their children, reducing the likelihood of bullying, increasing school attendance and ultimately leading to improved life chances. Without the support of Smalls for All, The School Bank West Lothian would struggle to be able to fulfil the demand for these items in our packs.”

Catherine D’Albertanson, Little Green Sock Project

Supporting some of Trafford’s most vulnerable families

“We wanted to include underwear in our bundles but being quite new, we didn’t have the funds to be able to do this for every family. We got in touch with Smalls for All to see if they could help. They sent us over hundreds of pairs of underwear in all children’s sizes. We can now send out underwear with every bundle!”

Shelley Bennett, Pelican Parcels 

Supporting families in the Brighton & Hove area and Sussex

“We’re so utterly delighted with this help and support from Smalls for All, it makes a massive difference knowing we can put new pants/knickers in our clothing packs for children along with all the other clothing and items we give out. It makes reality the expression that small things can make a big difference.”

Jillian Thompson, Baby Bank Scotland

Supporting families in Scotland living in poverty

“Underwear is something most of us take for granted, it’s a basic element of the daily routine of dressing. Sadly, for so many children, underwear is often a ‘luxury’ their parents simply can’t afford! We try as best we can to include a new pack of underwear in each of our referral packs and the support from Smalls for All helps us make that happen.”

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