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Donate your time

Charities rely heavily on volunteers, and we’re no different. We have a number of people who play a really important part in running Smalls for All®, and we’re so grateful to them all for giving up their time to do this. The contribution of all our volunteers makes such a difference to the smooth running of Smalls and the amount of help we’re able to give.

There are many reasons people volunteer to help us.

Sorting opportunities

Right at the coalface are the folks who turn up at our warehouse in West Calder to open, sort, count and bag the underwear ready for its journey to those who need it most. Jaci is one of the volunteers who gives up 4 hours of her time every Tuesday. I’ll let her tell you how this came about… Jaci’s story. And Margaret volunteers on a Thursday… Margaret’s story.

Remote opportunities

We also have a huge following on Facebook which means loads of comments, messages and questions every day. Fiona volunteers with our social media team who help us keep on top if it all… Fiona’s story.

If you’d like to volunteer your skills and time, please contact us at [email protected].