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Send three and sixpence, we’re going to a dance

Someone put out a well-intentioned post in 2019 which had some misinformation in it suggesting we collect underwear to help prevent rape, which is not why we collect it. Unfortunately, copies are still being shared. As well as having inaccurate information, the post results in us receiving donations of make-up which we don’t collect and can’t use, and in parcels being sent to our old address causing delays and transport costs.

There are other old posts out there too that aren’t quite right. For example, we don’t collect tatty bras; recycling companies tell us there’s not enough material in them to make this worthwhile. So we only collect new bras or gently worn bras that have enough wear left in them so they can be worn again. We have to pay to send any well-worn ones we receive to landfill.

So I just wanted to say:

  1. We collect only NEW pants and new and gently worn (laundered) bras to help those in Africa and the UK who can’t afford or don’t have access to underwear.
  2. We collect underwear because – for example – having pants means women can stay at their work and girls can stay in school each month, and to provide the dignity everyone deserves.
  3. The address for donations is now West Calder rather than Livingston (please see: Donate underwear (smallsforall.org).

Where we see misinformation we try to have it corrected, but that’s not always easy. To find out more about what we do and why, please explore our site and in particular see: Why we do this (smallsforall.org).

Any donations of brand new pants, or of new or gently worn bras, are greatly appreciated, as is any help you can give us in correcting any old or incorrect information you see being shared/re-shared.

It’s pantastic to have the support of so many kind and generous people – we just want to make sure they know what we collect and why, and that we can use what people send us.

Thank you all so much for your support. Maria