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Total underwear collected is 2,229,297

Thank you for sending us a pantastic 1,474 parcels in May.

Thank you, too, to Oxford based Y.O.U Underwear who have donated 10,008 pairs of pants through their buy-one-give-one initiative. It’s always a boost receiving a huge donation like this, knowing the difference it will make.

Since our last Talking Pants, we’ve provided new pants and new & gently worn bras to 8 organisations:

  • 858 pairs of pants to the Little Green Sock Project, a baby and clothing bank based in Manchester.
  • 745 pairs of pants and bras to Care4Calais (Slough/Heathrow).
  • 1,480 pairs of pants to Baby Bank Scotland, an organisation supporting families across Lanarkshire and Glasgow.
  • 3,250 pairs of pants and bras to Kenneth Chikowore, supporting people in central Zimbabwe.
  • 70 pairs of pants to Days for Girls (North Herts) for inclusion in hygiene kits going to Angola.
  • 540 pairs of pants and bras to Refugees Welcome Crawley.
  • 310 pairs of pants to the Thondwe Girls Project, supporting girls in Thondwe, near Zomba in Malawi to attend school throughout their period.
  • 625 pairs of pants to Happy Baby Community, an organisation based in London providing women who are pregnant or have young children with essential items.

We were recently able to help the Beatrice Project by giving them a supply of girls’ pants. The pants were sent to the Ntombi Nto Girl Child Network, a registered trust in Zimbabwe which aims to give girls access to sanitary wear so that periods don’t stop them from attending school. We’ve since received this lovely photo so that you can see the joy your donations of pants brought to the girls.

Airdrie Community School Uniform Bank also sent us some feedback, saying, “Massive thank you to the team at Smalls for All for providing us with new underwear for our clients. Without your support we simply couldn’t offer this service as we couldn’t keep up with the referral numbers. We’re topped right up just in time for our busiest period – it’s really appreciated.”

And National Police Aid Charity said, “We were delighted to pick up 14,000 pairs of pants from Smalls for All last month. The pants are now making their way in shipping containers to Africa, where they will be used to help us with projects in Zambia, Zanzibar, Tanzania and Gambia. Girls in Africa are missing school for several days each month during menstruation because they cannot afford commercial products. Our workshops teach ladies how to make the washable sanitary pads which are given to the girls free of charge. These pants are a vital part of our project because without them the washable sanitary pads could not be used. Our aim is to make it possible for girls to attend school regularly and not miss out on their education. Many thanks to Smalls for All for your support.”

These are just a few examples of the feedback we’ve received from recent donations we’ve made. While we post all the wonderful feedback we get on our social media, we appreciate that not everyone will see it there. However, if you look at our website www.smallsforall.com you will see it there!

As always, thank you all for supporting Smalls,