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Overall total is 226, 858 (and we are still counting!)

The logistics around deliveries and all the stages from opening to sorting and bagging the underwear has proved a big challenge for us given the amazing volume of donations we have received. Added to this we have recently moved premises and as a result we have a backlog of donations to be opened and acknowledged. But we are making progress and have lots of sorting days with our wonderful volunteers organised. You can find our latest “thank you” post on the website. Please remember that if you don’t see your name it doesn’t mean we’ve not received your parcel, it’s probably just waiting to be opened. And at the end of the day the underwear makes a big difference so I’m very grateful to everyone for continuing to send donations.

Thanks to everyone who has so far helped us to raise over £600 via Easyfundraising. This is a really simple way for you to help us raise money without you having to spend an extra penny! Click on this link http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/smallsforall whenever you shop online with M&S, Tesco, Amazon and many more big retailers.