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Katrina Edmunds and Thale Herbertson have recently taken part in the Geneva half marathon which went extremely well. They also learnt that the Swiss don’t really do fancy dress runs like we do in the UK, which was an awkward realisation on the start line! However, they certainly raised awareness for our cause.

They have raised an amazing 1,000 swiss francs (about 700 GBP) for Smalls for All. Thank you so much guys!

They have a growing collection of underwear in the office primarily from the school where Katrina works, as they have donated all the unclaimed bras in the laundry. They have a network of contacts at the other Swiss boarding schools so imagine they have the same unclaimed stock which they would be happy to ‘claim’ on behalf of Smalls for All. They’re currently exploring possible routes to cut the air miles expense from Switzerland to Scotland. We’ll let you know how they get on in a future update.