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Total underwear collected is 1,855,870

We have a lot to be grateful for this month!

Thank you for sending us a pantastic 3,450 parcels in March, and a special thank you to everyone who contributed to the Greenock Rotary collection. Thanks to Clare, sorting volunteer, for being a pants mule and bringing their collection of 5,000 pairs of pants to Smalls!

Thanks also to all our supporters who have been recycling their ink cartridges for Smalls rather than binning them. You’ve raised a pantastic £139.45 for us so far this year. Didn’t know you could do this? At no cost to you, we receive a cash donation when you send your cartridge to Recycle4Charity. It’s not only an easy way to raise funds, it helps protect the environment too. To find out more and send your cartridges, click here – http://www.recycle4charity.co.uk/Register/C102202.

Since our last Talking Pants, we’ve provided underwear to 3 organisations:

  • 101 pairs of new pants and a bra to the Edinburgh School Uniform Bank.
  • 450 pairs of new pants to the Bethany Christian Trust, Edinburgh.
  • 260 pairs of new pants and new and gently worn bras to Anawim, an organisation based in Balsall Heath supporting women to recover from physical and emotional conditions connected with addiction, homelessness, abuse, exploitation, involvement with the criminal justice system and unemployment.

Donations of new pants (as well as new/gently worn bras) are always welcome – please send them to us at Five Sisters Business Park, Westwood, West Calder EH55 8PN. And don’t forget to include your email address if you’d like an acknowledgement.

Thank you.