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Total underwear collected 812,008

Congratulations to Fiona Pryde, winner of the August lottery.

We celebrated our 8th birthday as a charity this month. Like many small charities, we’ve had our fair share of challenges – and I’m sure this coming year will be no different – but we have so much to be thankful for. The support we receive is amazing. The ongoing success of Smalls for All is down to our incredible supporters. From those who donate underwear, to those who give their time making sure the day-to-day running goes smoothly, and those who give financially and support our work through the organisation of fundraising activities. THANK YOU!

Many of you may know that I never intended to set up a charity collecting pants and bras. Well, any sort of charity really. (If I had, I might have collected toothbrushes or something easier to store and sort!) But I’m so happy that my one-off request to family, friends and colleagues for 2000 pairs of pants in 2009 when I returned from Ethiopia has turned out this way. 812,008 pants and bras have been collected and 731,061 distributed to women and children in many African countries, including Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zanzibar.

This month the Smalls sorting volunteers had a very busy time preparing for our biggest-ever pick-up, thanks to NPAC who collected 70,000 pairs of new pants and new and gently worn bras for distributing to their projects in Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Zambia. Our thanks to David Scott and the NPAC team for making sure your donations get to those who need them.

For details of where all your donations go, please have a look at our underwear timeline: https://www.smallsforall.org/category/pants-timeline/

Every donation of underwear and every financial contribution makes a difference and we appreciate your generosity enormously.