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Total underwear collected is 1,931,054

Thank you for sending us a pantastic 1,990 parcels in July.

Happy birthday to us – we attained charity status on 10 August 2010 which means we’re 12 now! What started off as a one-off collection for an orphanage in Ethiopia that I volunteered at, has turned into fast approaching 2 million items of underwear being given to those in need.

Since our last Talking Pants, we’ve provided new pants to 4 organisations:

  • 2,020 pairs of pants to The Cowshed, an organisation based in Berkshire which provides support to people in need.
  • 2,810 pairs of pants to Project Gambia.
  • 800 pairs of pants to The Life Changers for inclusion in hygiene kits destined for Zimbabwe.
  • 2,820 pairs of pants to Baby Bank Scotland.

Last month we mentioned we had supplied underwear to Two Brews, a not-for-profit outreach charity who go out feeding and clothing the homeless of Manchester 7 nights a week. They provide support in getting them off the streets and into accommodation, and also provide food parcels to those in need of a little help now and again. Amanda Thompson said, “Without the contributions of everyone working together and supporting each other, we couldn’t give the small things in life, like underwear, to those that need it the most. Thanks to Smalls for All for the donation of underwear, our guys’n girls here in the streets of Manchester were able to have clean underwear.”

Another organisation that recently benefited from your donations is Days for Girls UK. They focus on providing women and girls with menstrual supplies and health education, helping to keep girls in school and provide safety while shattering period stigma. UK Country Coordinator Phoebe Sanderson said, “We are very lucky to have support from organisations like Smalls for All, it allows us to provide our supplies to many more women and girls throughout Africa.”

Last month we mentioned one of the new ideas we’re trying out to raise funds is an eBay shop.  The driver behind setting this up is we sometimes receive things specifically for selling, and often receive things we don’t collect, so an online shop seemed the perfect solution to help us raise money towards our running costs and to avoid sending items to landfill. I’m delighted to say it’s going well so far! I’ve attached the link in case you want to have a look: ebay.co.uk/str/smallsforallafricaanduk

We’re excited to be featured as Easyfundraising’s Cause of the Fortnight between 15th and 28th August. If you’ve not signed up already, please do! – http://efraising.org/vmVF8qmpry. It costs you absolutely nothing and is a great way to raise funds for us when you shop online. During the fortnight, we’ll receive a bonus £1 donation for every new supporter that signs up. AND, to top that, all shopping donations raised will be doubled!

Huge thanks to you – our friends, supporters and volunteers – for your kindness and generosity over the past 12 years in helping us provide new pants and new and gently worn bras to people in need in Africa and the UK. Every donation makes a difference.