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Overall total collected is 491,595

We’ve managed to get 39,875 pairs of pants and bras out this month thanks to NPAC (Zambia), Ian Woods (Ghana) and Freedom from Fistula (Sierra Leone).  This means that half way through the year we have already beaten the amount we managed to distribute in 2016!  Thanks to everyone who played a part in making this happen – the people who donated, the people that take care of the logistics in making sure your donations get to the people in Africa safely, and of course all the hard working Smalls volunteers.

However, we now have an urgent need for NEW pants for ladies (size 8-16) and boys (ages 3-15). If you are able to pop a pack of pants in the post to us (please remember to include a note with your name so we can thank you on our website) or if you prefer to shop online we have an Amazon wish list.

We really are indebted to each and every person who makes an underwear or financial contribution to support the work of Smalls for All.  Without your generosity and kindness we wouldn’t be able to carry on.  As you will appreciate we work very hard to use our limited resources wisely and keep our costs to a minimum.  Therefore, we use our monthly thank you posts on the website and social media to thank all our wonderful donors rather than send letters or emails.  However, if you would like us to acknowledge your donation by letter or email please just let us know when you send in your donation.