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Total underwear collected is 743,827

Congratulations to Susan Cook, winner of the June lottery.

Volunteers Week is celebrated between 1 and 7 June every year. It’s a week in which the UK celebrates the role of volunteers and says thank you to them for the contribution that they make. And of course I’m biased but I think Smalls has the best, most pantastic volunteers. So many people give their time and energy making sure your donations get to those who need them, answering questions on Facebook and doing a host of other things in the background to make sure we keep doing what we do. Thanks to everyone who is part of the Smalls team.

We really are indebted to each and every person who makes an underwear or financial contribution to support the work of Smalls for All. Without your generosity and kindness we wouldn’t be able to carry on. Please know that we value each and every donation and that your help is making a difference.

It was lovely to get some feedback from Jane Williamson, UK Director for Days for Girls, on where the pants we supplied to Days for Girls have gone. Jane said “the kit makers are all thrilled to have this provision, as it means we can produce more kits for less cost”. Our pants have been included in hygiene packs distributed to a school in Ethiopia, a medical mission and school in Uganda, a maternity clinic and school in Tanzania, a school in Guinea and a school in Zambia. So please keep those pants coming! If you’re thinking of donating pants, please have a look at our Amazon wish list as the sizes we need can vary from time to time.