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Total underwear collected is 2,112,564

Thank you for sending us a pantastic 1,483 parcels in May.

Since our last Talking Pants, we’ve provided new pants and new and gently worn bras to 11 organisations:

  • 44,000 pairs of pants and new & gently worn bras to National Police Aid Charity (NPAC) destined for Africa.
  • 350 pairs of pants to Homeless Aid UK, an organisation based in Bolton and working in Manchester, Liverpool, Wigan, Leigh, Sheffield, London and Glasgow.
  • 80 pairs of pants to StandOut, a London-based charity, to be included in their clothing packs.
  • 390 pairs of pants to Baby Necessities, an organisation based in Romsey.
  • 392 pairs of pants to Days for Girls (Ealing & Kent) to be included in their hygiene kits going to Africa.
  • 127 pairs of pants to Action in Africa, an organisation supporting people in Nyaishozi, north west Tanzania.
  • 400 pairs of pants to Pelican Parcels, an organisation supporting children in Hove.
  • 145 pairs of pants and new & gently worn bras to Play Torbay, a group supporting asylum seekers housed in Devon.
  • 160 pairs of pants to Wend Konta, an organisation working in Burkina Faso.
  • 357 pairs of pants and new & gently worn bras to The Simon Community, a London-based homeless charity.
  • 676 pairs of pants and new & gently worn bras to the Little Green Sock Project, a baby and clothing bank based in Manchester.

Our good friends at NPAC have found themselves in the same position that we were in 4 years ago (is it really 4 years?!). The charity has been based in the Mansfield area for many years, but unfortunately they’re having to move out of their warehouse and storage premises by the end of June. If anyone knows of a dry, warehouse type of building that could probably accommodate 2 large shipping containers’ worth of donated equipment in the Mansfield, Sutton, Kirkby area that they could use from July, please get in touch with them on 08448 701999 or via their Facebook page. Fingers crossed they find a new home soon!

One of the ways you can help us with raising funds without spending a penny is by registering with Recyle4Charity. This is a free, easy-to-use programme for empty ink cartridges so you’d be helping the environment as well!  All you have to do is register with them (https://www.recycle4charity.co.uk/Register/882437) and then send them your empty ink cartridges free of charge. They don’t accept all ink cartridges but they have a look-up tool that you can check before sending (https://www.recycle4charity.co.uk/InkjetCartridges). For those of you who have registered, you’ve raised £327.35 in the last 12 months. Thank you!

Thank you all for continuing to support Smalls,

Best wishes