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Total underwear collected is 1,913,200

Thank you for sending us a pantastic 2,470 parcels in April. It’s been a big month in terms of people requesting underwear and I’m so grateful that with the hard work of the sorting volunteers we managed to get 57,330 pairs of new pants and new and gently worn bras to people in need – or at least start them on their journey!  And it was lovely to get some feedback about a distribution that was made at the end of last year.

In October, we were contacted by Claire, the project manager for a Conservation Program in Zambia, explaining the great work they do and asking if we could provide sports bras. “We have 140 female staff and partner members who are everything from cooks and cleaners, to mechanics and drivers, and admin and anti-poaching. Almost all are from poor and rural backgrounds but eager to better themselves and their families. As part of our culture and organizational ethos we commit to a thrice weekly exercise program and participate in a variety of external endurance and sports events. Adequate bra support is a significant barrier to these women taking part not only in the exercise side of things but also during their working days to support conservation.”

On receiving 400 of your wonderful donations (taken to Zambia by NPAC), she said: “Wow! That’s amazing. I can’t explain what this means to our ladies. THANK YOU!”

This was made possible by the hard work of everyone at the warehouse from opening your donations to loading lorries, and of course in this instance by our lovely friends at NPAC who made sure your donations were delivered safely to Claire in Zambia.

Since our last Talking Pants, we’ve provided new pants and new or gently worn bras to 7 organisations:

  • 54,000 pairs of pants and new & gently worn bras to NPAC destined for Africa.
  • 690 pairs of pants to Pelican Parcels, a baby bank supporting families living in the Brighton and Hove area.
  • 166 pairs of pants and bras to Cyrenians, a homeless charity in Scotland.
  • 329 pairs of pants and bras to Care4Calais to support asylum seekers arriving in the UK.
  • 200 pairs of pants to Sal’s Shoes for a baby bank for 0-5-year-olds in Hackney.
  • 1,320 pairs of pants to Advance charity who support women survivors of domestic abuse and those involved in the criminal justice system.
  • 625 pairs of pants to Days for Girls for hygiene kits going to Africa.

The number of parcels we received this month is the lowest we’ve received this year. I fear this shows the effect that the economic environment and perhaps world events are having on everyone. Sadly, demand for underwear from those who can’t afford or get any is as high as it’s ever been. I’m starting next week with 4 requests for underwear, 2 for Africa and 2 for the UK. Please keep supporting Smalls so we can keep supporting those people with little or no underwear. 

Donations of new pants (as well as new/gently worn bras) are always welcome – please send them to us at Five Sisters Business Park, Westwood, West Calder EH55 8PN. And don’t forget to include your email address if you’d like an acknowledgement.

Thank you.