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Overall total is 324,051

Many of you who have been with Smalls for All from the beginning will know that we started sponsoring the education of 3 girls in Kenya in 2010, Ruth, Maureen and Sarah (Sarah is now at university).  Since 2010 we have increased the number of children we sponsor in primary and secondary to 27 and we also fund the education of approx. 350 preschool children in 3 villages in Malawi.  This of course costs money so we have launched a fundraiser asking for help to give the gift of education this Christmas.Please see the attached link for more information.


Please give generously… Every £300 raised means we can fund a week’s education fees for all 377 children.  Every £1300 raised means we can fund a month’s education fees for all 377 children.  For more information on the children we sponsor please visit www.smallsforall.org THANK YOU

We have a lot to be thankful for this month!  My thanks to teams from Royal London, Lloyds Banking Group and Scottish Widows Bank for choosing Smalls for All for their volunteering day at work.  Really appreciated their hard work, lots of parcels opened and underwear sorted!

Here’s a link to our latest thank you post, and we are still opening parcels every week so if you don’t seen your name please look for it on the next monthly thank you post.


A big thank you to the team at Policy Services for completing 12 hours of non stop exercise and fitness classes. A whole 12 hours of kickboxing, cardio, kettle bells exercise, callanetics and boxing to name but a few.  Think they are mad but I’m very grateful to them all.  At the time of writing they have raised a pantastic £1665.

You may have seen on Facebook on Thursday 27 October I made a wee trip down to Buckingham Palace to collect our MBE.  For those of you that know me you will know I’m more at home in my jeans and trainers, and that I’ve never, ever had a fascinator on my head so was a bit anxious about it all.  The bad dream I had where I forgot to curtsy, tripped and head butted a member of the Royal family, didn’t really help my nerves, but there was actually nothing to worry about.  My grandma who’s 94, my mum, brother and I all had a great day, definitely one to remember and for all the right reasons! It’s a real honour and great recognition not just for me but for Smalls and all our volunteers and supporters, so thank you all once again for all you do and your support.