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Total underwear collected is 2,176,985

Thank you for sending us a pantastic 1,600 parcels in October.

Since our last Talking Pants, we’ve provided new pants and new & gently worn bras to 8 organisations:

  • 181 pairs of pants to the Bethany Christian Trust in Edinburgh.
  • 100 pairs of pants to Days for Girls (Cuddington & North Herts) to be included in their hygiene kits going to Africa.
  • 582 pairs of pants to Freedom4Girls, a period poverty charity making dignity kits for girls in Kenya and also supporting schools in Leeds.
  • 240 pairs of pants to Chupis, a charity working in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda who provide hygiene packs to teenage girls.
  • 308 pairs of pants to Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Care to be included in every clothing and uniform referral.
  • 434 pairs of pants and new & gently worn bras to The Nelson Trust for their women’s centre in Gloucester.
  • 1,341 pairs of pants and new & gently worn bras to the Mtende Community Project to be given to schoolgirls in the Ekwendeni area of Northern Malawi.
  • 255 pairs of pants and new & gently worn bras to Safer Wales, an organisation based in Cardiff who manage community safety projects and support vulnerable people.

As you may know, one of the things we’ve been looking at is a way of making it quicker, easier and more economical (no postage costs), for people to donate pants.

Up till now, options for people wanting to donate pants have been limited to buying when out shopping, or using our Amazon wish list. However, with the first option, you incur the cost of postage. With the second option, quality varies and the pants available are not always what we need. From today, with the launch of our new buy-to-give scheme, you have another option which should be a more convenient and cheaper way to donate pants. Through our website, you can now ‘buy’ pants from us that we purchase on your behalf wholesale, saving postage and giving access to keener prices.

Donating this way also helps Smalls, because it means we can get exactly what we really need – sizes, quality, styles – at any time to be able to fulfil the underwear requests we receive.

Here’s how it works:

  • Simply add any item to your basket and click on ‘checkout’ to purchase it.
  • Shortly afterwards, you should receive a confirmation email.
  • Once your order has been processed, you should also receive a thank-you email letting you know it’s been completed.
  • You can then relax, knowing your gift of pants will make a real difference to someone in need.

If you’d like to give it a try, do please let us know what you think: https://bit.ly/give-sfa. Your feedback always helps us improve the way we do things, and every improvement means that with your help we can reach even more people in need.

As always, many thanks to you all for continuing to support Smalls.