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Overall total is 143,687 (this total does not reflect the mountain of underwear that is still to be counted).

There continues to be a steady stream of donations, thank you to everyone who has sent underwear. We posted a separate thank you to the senders of the parcels as there are far too many names to include here. See our recent post You’re all Pantastic but please remember if you don’t see your name it could be that your parcel is still to be opened.


At time of writing we have 18,000 pairs of pants bagged and ready for the children in Zambia, however there are still many parcels to open so hopefully we will be closer to the target amount of 30,000 by the deadline of 26 October. These are the pants that will be going in the Christmas shoeboxes and delivered to Zambia courtesy of Operation Christmas Child.



Thanks to everyone who came along to the black tie dinner on Saturday 3 October. It was a pantastic evening and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, I think the singing waiters took everyone by surprise! We raised over £5,000 so thanks to Robin, Sandy, Maggie, Lynn and Gwen for all their help in organising the event.