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May 23rd 2017

30,000 pairs of pants and bras on their way to Zambia courtesy of NPAC.  Happy that we can accommodate a request from Malaika school in the Copperbelt Province for pants for their girls and boys!


May 11th 2017

My thanks to Sally and team for once again taking underwear with them to Malawi.  As well as other supplies they were taking with them the team packed 600 pants and bras in their suitcases and delivered them to women and children they were visiting during their trip.

Here is a wee email the ladies were kind enough to send me.  Thank you ladies, you are pantastic!


Hi Maria

Sally organised another fabulous trip to Malawi in April, and everything went according to plan. In our group of 10, there were 3 doctors, a dentist, a physiotherapist, an architect, a banker, a publisher and a RSPB fundraiser, so this brought a wide range of skills. All of us carried a pile of bras & pants, and once again it was a great pleasure to give these out.

We visited Namala, a small rural village and met around 80 children under 5, and as well as dresses for the girls we took shorts for the boys, and gave out a pair of pants to each child. , The smiles on their faces was a wonderful sight to behold. I attach a photo which captures this special moment.

We visited the Open Arms in Blantyre and in Mangochi, and the staff there also got a delivery of bras. This time, the male employees (e.g. Security guards, gardeners) were also given the opportunity to take a bra for their wives. This was a hugely appreciated gift.

It was a privilege to have had a second visit to Malawi, and it certainly helped strengthen the well established bond between the organisations in Malawi and George Watson’s College. With Sally leading another group of pupils in October, I’m sure there will be more pupils and adults getting in touch with Smalls for All to help sort more undies in Livingston and to gather up bagful to take on the next trip.

Thank you for your ongoing energy & commitment to Smalls for All.

With best wishes

Elaine Crummey
On behalf of the group