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Since our last Talking Pants, we’ve provided new pants and new or gently worn bras to 7 organisations:

  • 54,000 pairs of pants and new & gently worn bras to NPAC destined for Africa.
  • 690 pairs of pants to Pelican Parcels, a baby bank supporting families living in the Brighton and Hove area.
  • 166 pairs of pants and bras to Cyrenians, a homeless charity in Scotland. 
  • 329 pairs of pants and bras to Care4Calais to support asylum seekers arriving in the UK.
  • 200 pairs of pants to Sal’s Shoes for a baby bank for 0-5-year-olds in Hackney.
  • 1,320 pairs of pants to Advance Charity who support women survivors of domestic abuse and those involved in the criminal justice system.
  • 625 pairs of pants to Days for Girls for hygiene kits going to Africa.