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A further 500 pairs of new pants have been supplied to Days for Girls UK for their reusable feminine hygiene kits which will be distributed to various parts of Africa. Our thanks also to Sals Shoes; CJ will be taking 180 pairs of new pants to Ilamula House, an orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa. Thanks to Sally Rae for taking 602 bras and 200 pairs of pants with her on a trip to Malawi next month with children from George Watson’s school in Edinburgh. As well as other supplies, they will be distributing the underwear to women and children they will be visiting during their trip. And lastly, thanks to Lynne Porteous who collected 400 pairs of pants on Tuesday 18 September. Lynne will be taking the pants with her to Uganda when she travels there later this month. She will be spending time with Bridging a Gap Community Initiative, which is a registered community based organisation operating in Kajjansi town, Uganda.